1 Tree Cards : Reforesting The World Through Greeting Cards

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Do you remember Becky from Vegetime TV Ep 7? With her wife, Michiko, they created Super Vegan Travel. And do you remember Sylvain from Ep 11?
He is a young Vegan artist currently travelling the world… Today we have the pleasure to introduce their new eco-friendly project, 1 Tree Cards .
1 Tree Card’s concept is simple, for each greeting card that you buy, one tree is planted in an area of mass deforestation.

The artworks is designed by Sylvain, with fun and positive messages written by Becky and Michiko. Inspired by vegan concepts; nature, animals and equality, there are several collections, from detailed digital painting, to more graphic style, all the cards get strong impact.

It’s hard to resist the “Colibri” collection with this wonderful fairy tale style!
We love the play on words of the TreeVolution / Bonus collections.
And we are really glad to see the super cute “Same Love “ collection, LGBTQIA+ community finally represented in greeting cards!

They are launching their Kickstarter right now!
If you enjoy this kind of project, feel free to spread the love!