Natto as a meat alternative

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Meat of the field, Natto, a soy-fermented food
is gaining ever wider recognition around the world.
Let’s take a look at Natto’s nutritional benefits.

*Natto 1 pack(45g)=
Protein  Beef chuck roll 45g equivalent
290731Magnesium  Oyster 3 pcs equivalent
203637Iron  Beef liver 40g equivalent
104376Calcium  Yogurt 0.5 pcs equivalent
Vitamin B2  Pork chuck roll 100g equivalent
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In addition to fibers and potassium, there are also other health benefits・・・

Japan NATTOkinase Society
It is said that there is one special ingredient that is contained only in natto. It has the effect of preventing thrombus, myocardial infarction, and stroke. In addition it also has the effects of strengthening immunity.
An ingredient required for cell growth and metabolism. Also help in anti-aging.
Improved cell growth then leads to better prevention of blemish, freckle, and skin dullness.
Soy Lecithin
It has detoxification effects that can prevent acne and blemish.
It has the effects of preventing breast cancer through a balanced hormone maintenance. It also has the potential of preventing post-menopausal syndrome and bone-related illness.
From anti-aging to improved blood flow・・・!
Daily intake at night recommended.
Bacillus subtilis is also a good complement to lactobacillales.
Let’s give it a try, 1 pack every day.
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