MATT & NAT – fake leather and recycled materials

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Organic cotton and fair trade, and such sustainable fashion items have been gaining attention recently. For instance, H&M has recently announced that until 2020 onward, sustainable materials are to be used in her products.



“One of the brand currently garnering attention in Japan is the Canadian bag and accessory franchise MATT % NAT, whose name comprised of MATerial and NATure, encompassing the essence of the two elements of nature and material.

Such materials include mock leather made of polyurethane or recycled PVC, cork and rubber, without using leather. Due to such wholesome concept, such bags gained wide popularity among celebrities as Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, and Olivia Wilde.


Such is the philosophy of MATT & NAT – with heart, with creativity, and with passion. Such is the company, promoting voluntary activities, vegan potluck parties, birthday parties, regular visits to factories in China, such is indeed the spirit of manufacturing.”




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