Vegetarian Cosmetics

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In accordance with vegetarian/vegan menu that has been gaining ever more popularity, the shift from animal-based to plant-based ingredient use in cosmetics is also gaining momentum.

Recent researches have been aiming at closing the gaps while at the meantime maximize the potential of plant-based ingredients.




Among the main ingredients common in cosmetic products are hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen, squalan, and placenta.

These are all animal-based.

・Hyaluronic acid → Cockscomb

・Ceramide → Mammal brains, yeast fermentation

・Collagen → Mammals, fishes, birds

・Squalan → Shark liver oil

・Placenta → Cows, pigs, goats

However plant-based alternatives have recently been discovered.



The effects vary with different recipes. Thus the effects of each individual ingredient are still not well known.

Since it does not fall under medication, what is more important is to use with comfort.

Through the use of plant-based products, it feels better and as thus leads to a healthier skin.

Below are the mentioned alternatives:

<Plant-based hyaluronic acid>

Polyglutamic acid(the sticky part of natto)、snow fungus extract, etc.

Through microorganism fermentation method, hyaluronic acid that has the same chemical properties to one extracted from cockscomb can also be produced. Such method greatly decreased the production costs which used to very high when extracted from cockscomb.


<Plant-based ceramide>

Rice extract, Yuzu seed extract, etc.

<Plant-based collagen>

Natto extract(Fermented soy extract), etc.


There are still other alternatives not listed here.

Compared to animal-based, plant-based products have a lighter touch.



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