Meat and dairy alternatives could “take over the mainstream”

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Consumers all around the world are showing an ever growing interest towards healthier, sustainable and more humane culinary lifestyles. The increasing popularity of plant-based options reveals itself through market data concerning non-diary products, meat alternatives and other plant-based products.
In its Global Food and Drink Trends 2016 report, Mintel, a global leader in market research,  included plant-based alternatives to animal products as a trend that “could take over the mainstream”: veggie burgers and non-diary milks seem to be no longer a substitute for vegetarians and people with dietary concerns, but an appealing product to the everyday consumer. According to another report by Mintel, almost a third of Millenials in the US “indicate they consume any meat alternative product every day, with 70% consuming them at least a few times a week, notably more than any other generation”, which “coupled with the size and spending power of Millennials, indicates a strong potential market for meat alternatives in the future”.

Apart from Mintel, Baum + Whiteman, a global food and restaurant consultants group, included vegetables on its list of the top 11 trends on tap for 2016. The agency considered the “relentlessly rising beef prices, horror over hormones, a scramble for ever-more antioxidants, health-and-diet concerns, growth of farmers markets, locavore drummers, increasing numbers of flexitarians” as factors for the growth of the market.  Yahoo Food also added veggies to its 16 Food Trends list, and a list by the buyers of Whole Foods Market had “Plant-Based Everything” at number five.

Plant-based products have installed themselves as a growing market that, we can expect, will continue to make its way towards mainstream consuming habits, presenting great business opportunities and a step towards the spreading of more ethical consumption habits.

Source: Latest Vegan News

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